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Duodenal Switch
RNY Gastric Bypass
Sleeve Gastrectomy
Revisional Bariatric

Revisions of Bariatric Operations

Drs. Smith and Kim do laparoscopic revisions of some bariatric operations, in selected situations where the operations have failed or are causing significant problems, These include:
  • Lap Gastric Band Removal, with conversion to Sleeve Gastrectomy and/or Duodenal Switch
  • Re-Sleeving for Duodenal Switch and Sleeve Gastrectomy patients
  • Limb-lengthening Procedures for RNY Gastric Bypass patients to create Distal Gastric Bypass
  • Adding the bowel bypass portion of a Duodenal Switch to existing Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Reversal of Malabsorption for Duodenal Switch patients
For any questions, comments, or to begin the process, please contact us:
Phone: 407-303-3820

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