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Your Next Steps:

What Are Your Next Steps?

Having weight loss surgery is an exciting, life-changing event. But the process of getting from the very beginning to the actual day of surgery can be longer than many people think. In order to do this kind of major surgery as safely and carefully as possible, we need to know as much as we can about your overall medical condition.

There are several stages that you must go through, and these stages do take some time, although we try to streamline things as much as possible.

Beginning The Process:

One of the keys to success in bariatric surgery involves careful preparation. The first step is a free Information Seminar to learn more about our program and our approach to weight loss surgery. To register for either the live in-person info sessions or the on-line info session, please go to

We then have you come in for your office visit, we'll look at your particular situation and determine whether surgery might be right for you. We'll also work with you to determine which operation would be most appropriate for you.

We feel that there are many different ways that people end up in this condition, and therefore there are often times when one or the other of the operations would fit for a certain patient better than the others.

Together with your surgeon we'll help you decide which operation might work best for you.

The Evaluation Stage

As part of our ongoing effort to make sure our patients get through the experience of surgery as safely and smoothly as possible, we have you get some studies (like labs and X-rays) and "clearances" from medical specialists (such as Pulmonolgists and perhaps Cardiologists) to make sure we know as much as we can about your medical situation before we do your operation.

Many times we'll find some condition that a patient didn't know they had, and we can optimize that condition so that it doesn't cause any problems when going through weight loss surgery.

Some of these studies are mandated by the insurance companies, and some we even have to get before we can submit our request to your insurance company. But regardless, we always want to make sure that you are as safe as possible.

Scheduling of Surgery

Once you've gotten toward the end of the your studies and evaluations, we'll be ready to schedule your weight loss operation. We'll have a plan for you and give you lots of education about how to prepare, and what to expect. We want to make you as comfortable with the process as we can.

Usually, the time between the scheduling of surgery and the actual date of surgery is only a few weeks.

The Operation Day

Dr. Smith or Dr. Kim will see you and those accompanying you in the Pre-Op area of the Operating Room, and then our nurse will meet you and bring you to the OR.

Safety and Quality:

We focus on safety and quality with each patient. Your operation is given the necessary time and attention to best provide successful outcomes. We believe that our attention to detail, along with the medical information we obtain prior to surgery, has been an important factor in maintaining our excellent safety record. Long-term, high quality follow-up is essential to your success with Bariatric Surgery. Follow-up care is extremely important for all Bariatric procedures, especially the Duodenal Switch Procedure.

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